Ten of my favorite baby cribs

Land of Nod – Springwood Crib

Hello! I’ve been doing a lot of research on what crib to get for my sweet baby’s nursery and thought I would share ten of my favorite baby cribs! Not all of them were heavily considered, but I did love them all for one reason or another! White is usually my go-to because it can be used in just about any style nursery with any color or decor you have planned out. So that makes it easier to use later on if considering another sweet baby and another differently styled nursery in the future. Although I love white, I have included a few other cribs that are a different color than white, one is even a sweet metal crib that looks vintage!


I didn’t pick my crib out and order it until we found out that we are having a baby boy! There are a couple spindle cribs I was considering if we were having a girl, but I just didn’t feel like those would be the best fit for my boy nursery (even though the nursery itself will be pretty neutral). I added the mint colored crib to my list because I just think it is the prettiest thing ever! Would I ever order a mint colored crib? Probably not! But only because I have a fear of commitment with color… but I would love to see it in someone else’s nursery! It is such a sweet color ­čÖé

I also love the Springwood Crib from Land of Nod that’s on my list (pictured above)! If I had a slightly larger budget that may have been the crib I would have picked out. Most of the wood cribs I see are the darker, espresso colored brown. The Springwood Crib is the perfect shade and I would have loved to have it! Before I chose white, I originally wanted a pretty colored wooden crib, just didn’t realize how hard that would be to find. I do love the crib we chose, though!┬áCannot wait to show you “the One”!

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