About Me


Hi, I’m Heather! Thank you for stopping by to learn a little about me! I live near Nashville, TN, have a full time job and am married to my best friend.

Why ‘The Southern Hydrangea’?

I love being from and living in the South! Everything southern is just simpler and sweeter and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Along with all things southern, my heart melts when I see a sweet, classic farmhouse with hydrangeas all around. I’m a lover of all flowers, but one of my favorite flowers is the hydrangea. I love every variety of hydrangea there is. The sweet little “button” center of each bloom. And I told Tyler that I will, one day, have this home surrounded by hydrangeas.

Random Facts About Me:

Home decor is becoming a sweet spot of mine

White is my favorite color

I am a Christian

There’s nothing better than drinking out of a mason jar

Chocolate is my addiction

I’m an introvert and a homebody

Water is my drink of choice

Fall is my favorite season

White + wood + greenery gives me the heart eyes

Fixer Upper is my all time favorite show (who doesn’t love the Gaines’ family?!)

I aspire to be a great gardener

I’m not a morning person

Antique milk glass, old books and galvanized buckets are just a few things I hunt for while antiquing

If I had to choose a color to decorate with that isn’t neutral it would be shades of blue

One of my favorite meals is pinto beans and cornbread

My closet is a mess

White farmhouse sinks are the prettiest kitchen accessory

My perfect day includes chili on the stove with the windows open as the fall air flows in

Homemade sweet tea is my second favorite drink