Area Rugs For Any Neutral Space

Hey friends! Thanks for stopping by! Today I’m posting 10 of my favorite online area rugs  that I have my eye on for my living room! Things have definitely changed in here since we first moved in. I did a post last year about the “before” in my living room. Before the new couches, new coffee table and end table. Before it really started to feel like home. You can find that post here. Now I am on the hunt for the perfect area rug to help complete this space! I don’t think we really have to have a rug in here, but I think it would help pull everything together and be a little more homey feeling.

So here are 10 that I am looking at!

Lotus Black Silver Rug | Natura Handspun Jute Rug | Cara Sisal Rug | Tulum Ash Ivory Rug

Natural Basket Weave Jute Rug | Kala Printed Rug | Diamond Sisal Rug | Lotus Ivory Mink Rug

Lotus Blue Ivory Rug | Chevron Wool Jute Rug

It was so hard to narrow it down as there are so many beautiful rugs out there! And it is even harder to pick one out from online. Normally I like to look at things in person, but I know all of these brands have great reputations so I know their rugs are good quality. I’m leaning towards either a jute/sisal rug or this one below… Can’t wait to hear your opinions!



Christmas Home Tour

Long time no see! I thought I would share with everyone today some of our Christmas decorations! If you follow me in Instagram then you probably have seen a few of these pictures, but that’s ok 🙂 I’ve been waning to get another post together for some time now and I thought it would be fun to talk out our Christmas decor! Since these photos, we have installed gas logs, but everything else in our home is still the same so I thought I’d share the photos I’ve already taken.

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love to decorate for it! I feel it makes our home much more cozy. This is a great shot of our tree so you can see our minimal ornaments we used this year. I bought these letter ornaments at target. They are made from a heavy metal and painted gold. Like last year, I have my lanterns placed around the tree to give an extra touch. We do not have much decor to use, but love using what we have. This tree skirt is a DIY project I did when we lived in our old house. I may change it up next year, but I love the look and color of it. Maybe I can do a DIY tutorial on it next year?

Here’s another shot of our living room. I love keeping a simply decorated mantel, even at Christmas. It’s even cozier now with our gas logs 😉 But I love having fresh greenery draped over the mantel. I’m even trying to talk my husband into getting a live tree next year instead of our “faux” one! This tree we got a Lowe’s the first year we were married. It just a basic artificial tree, about 7.5 feet tall. It gets the job done, but I would love to have a fresh tree next year. This sign is one of my favorites for Christmas! It’s from Vine and Branches and you can visit her etsy shop hereAnd these pillows are from one of my favorite shops, So Vintage Chic, which you can find her here.

This is another one of my favorite Christmas signs from Vine and Branches. Love having the greenery draped around it!

Here’s a shot of how I styled my Decor Steals cuprack for Christmas. Again, fresh greenery and lights add the perfect touch for any space this time of year. It’s so easy to use and even get. Well, for me it is. The greenery on  my mantel came from Lowes, but the extra sprigs of live branches came from the yard! Easy peasy. Of course, I’m showing off my Christmas Rae Dunn collection. Pretty sure this space is perfect!

Here’s a close up of our entry table. I never know how to decorate this thing. It’s long and fits the space, but I think it’s awkward and hard to style. But for Christmas, anything goes. Christmas is so much easier to decorate for than the rest of the year! I have more lanterns sitting around, pillows, and this amazing sweater knit blanket from Target! So glad I snagged this on Black Friday at such a great deal! I also have my Target Dollar Spot trees and ceramic houses on the table. Then finally an old window layered with another Vine and Branches sign. I got this sign for Thanksgiving, but pretty sure it’ll be great any time of year.

My bedroom got a little Christmas makeover too. Looks like I moved this pillow in here when I took a photo. That’s the great thing about it all, though, is that it’s easily used in any room!

I’m basically still obsessed with my signs above the bed! Not sure what i’ll do when I want to change things up, but I love that I still love these here! and like I said earlier, it is so easy to just add touches of greenery to any space. This is more of the fresh branches I cut from the yard. Just added a string of lights and I can say I decorated for Christmas.

Thanks to this close up, I just noticed a light is out… Glad the rest of the strand didn’t go out with it! ha! This post has shown me that I love to decorate with signs. Not sure if that’s a bad thing or not? I don’t have too many things to decorate with so having signs around the house are definitely focal points. These signs came from my sweet friend, Stephanie, who had a shop called Homespun Signs. She’s taking a break right now, for anyone wondering 🙂

And this is my newest Christmas sign addition! I’m done. I promise! Just love all the Christmas sign goodness and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. So glad you stopped by to see how we decorate for Christmas! Hoping to snag some after Christmas sales so I can decorate a little bit more next year, but I can already tell you we will still keep it pretty simple 🙂

Living Room Makeover – The Perfect Blank Canvas

Everyone has things they want to change in their home. Currently my “thing” is the living room. Yes, our living room really is the perfect blank canvas to start with! But doing a living room makeover has been on my mind since we moved in last November. We were able to include things we wanted during construction since this was our custom home. I for sure knew I had to have shiplap somewhere in this house. And I am SO glad we had room in the budget for it! Shiplap has made all the difference in the feel of this room. It adds character and visual interest. But I’ve been craving to have a more put-together room. A place that I can finally say feels cozy and inviting. So this is Part I of my living room makeover.

shiplap living room 3
Having furniture to move in with was great. We had this couch and recliner in our previous home, but I never really tried to decorate much. My husband had the couch and recliner before we met and it was definitely nice not having to buy furniture in the beginning of our marriage. Now that we are in this house, however, I feel I have the perfect excuse for a living room makeover to fit my style and budget! These leather pieces are comfortable and you can recline on one side of the couch (I accidentally broke the right side as soon as we moved in…). But leather, if this makes any sense, can be sticky and slippery. In clothes I can slide right off, but if I’m wearing a dress or shorts my legs will sometimes stick. What I really dream of having is white slipcovered furniture (insert heart eyes)!

shiplap living room 10

The other piece of furniture in the living room is our tv stand. We did not have a place for our tv so I knew before we moved in that a tv console would be a must-have item. I looked around and quickly realized that furniture is expensive! Especially for people like us who have just built a house. I could not find anything that I wanted in the short amount of time I had to look and did not have enough time to make one myself. So I opted to have one built for me by my best friend’s husband. He used old barnwood and made us a simple console table, just like I wanted.

shiplap living room 2

After moving in I realized that having such an open console table for a tv stand was not going to work. Everything I put on the shelves just looked out of place. And all the chords made my anxiety go up. Ok. Not really, but kind of. Maybe having some pieces that helped hide the “things” would balance everything out.  And I knew that a rug would be a must in this space as well as a coffee table. After checking my bank account I knew we could not afford to go out and fully furnish a room all at once shortly after moving in . But what I could afford to do was look around at what I would eventually want for our living room makeover. Instagram and Pinterest have been two of the best sources of inspiration for me!

shiplap living room 7

Our living room truly has the best blank canvas to work with. I am so, so glad we were able to have the shiplap installed during construction! This would have been one of those DIY projects that we would not have finished and hired someone to complete. Or it would have remained unfinished for life! The walls go up so high on the end with the fireplace and it would not have been a great first DIY project to tackle. (Side Note:  I’m hoping to actually do DIY planked wall at some point!) Along with the shiplap, the open-concept living space, large windows and brick fireplace are my favorite things about the living room. These things will never change and will always add character and charm to our home.

Brick Fireplace with Shiplap

Now that we have lived here nearly a year, I have been able to put my decor dreams into action! My plans for the living room makeover include new slipcovered furniture, coffee table, end table, media console table, lamps, rug, curtains and possibly redecorate my mantel. Of course I would LOVE to one day have built-in bookshelves in either side of the fireplace, but that will be a distant future project! Another item on my list is to eventually get gas logs for our fireplace. What’s more cozy than snuggled up by a warm fireplace in the winter? Adding hot chocolate, of course 😉 I hope you will check back soon! I’ll get to share my progress with y’all just as soon as our furniture is delivered!

Item Sources:

“Love dwells here” sign | Homespun Signs

Tulip pillows | So Vintage Chic