Pregnancy Update

Hey friends! It’s been a while since I have been on here, but so excited to work my way back 🙂 I wanted to update everyone on how I’ve been doing and what all has been going on for me! If you’ve seen some of my recent Instagram posts then you know that Tyler and I are expecting a sweet baby to arrive the end of September and we could not be more excited! And even more recently, we found out sweet baby is going to be a B O Y ! This came as a shock to us as we, and along with most people we know, thought baby was going to be a girl. But I am excited about growing our family with a healthy baby boy and even more excited about seeing how much a boy really loves his mommy 🙂

I’ve been doing so great this pregnancy, I am almost embarrassed to say how good it’s been! When we found out we were expecting in January I had gotten extremely exhausted and next-level hangry. Like I’ve always been the type to get really hungry then really angry (hence the word hangry 😉 ) but this was next level. This was more like the next few levels up! I had to eat or I just felt so nauseous and I might have snapped at Tyler a couple of times… But that feeling has passed and now I’m just feeling normal for the most part! I’m 20 weeks pregnant this week and I cannot believe I am halfway there!

I’m starting to plan sweet baby’s nursery and am constantly looking around for ideas and inspiration. I want to keep it neutral, but am not completely sure what I am going to do yet. Everything I gravitate towards is white and I just feel like I need to incorporation more than just white into a nursery. But I can promise won’t see too much color when the time comes! Neutrals make me happy 🙂

I’ve also been researching tons of items that I need to register for and some things I want to buy. I’d love to share with you some of my baby wish list items in a new post soon! And even reviews on items I end up getting or purchasing for myself. Being a first-time mother and picking out baby things I know nothing about is very difficult, but I am having so much fun looking around at all of the possibilities! I’d love to hear some of your must-haves in the comments below 🙂

I’m hoping to share a lot more soon! More personal posts and feelings I’ve had so far in this pregnancy, some of my favorite items I’ve found and reviews, how I’m preparing for the labor I’m hoping to have, and sweet baby’s nursery reveal! I am always nervous about sharing too much of my thoughts or what is going on. I’m an introvert and and self-conscious, so putting myself out there is hard for me. But I am behind a computer screen so it makes things a little less scary 😉 No way I’d get up in public and speak to you all! If there is anything you’d like for me to share more of I’d love to know! Having this blog has been a great outlet for me to document my life by sharing things I love and what’s been going on. But I also love to connect with others through similar situations and stories!

Fresh Start in the New Year

This past year has not been too crazy for us, but changes were made. I quit my job of 8 years and started fresh at a new one. That was scary for me. I’m not welcoming of big changes and this was big for me. It was like starting a new year at school. My stomach always felt bad and I’d be so nervous. I’ve always been quiet and shy, not wanting any attention on myself. Now that I’m an adult, I think that feeling is the same if not stronger. We also celebrated our first full year in our new home. As you can see from my photos, not much has changed since we moved in. Haha! But we are slowly, and I mean S L O W L Y, working on furnishing and decorating. You’ll probably hear me say that for the rest of my life!

This year I’m looking forward to many new fresh starts and positive changes. A few things I’m wanting to do this new year are:

Be more active and make health a priority (isn’t that on everyone’s list, every. single year?!)

Blog more and share what I love, who I love, and our homemaking and life journey

Make sure what I buy for our home is something I really want or need

Spend more time studying the Bible and reading devotionals (I recently got a couple new ones from here)

Eat more from home and trying new recipes

Do more outside

Have friends and family over more often

Go to more flea markets, barn sales and other festivals

Be  more authentic and true to myself

What are some New Year’s resolutions that you are working on? I’d love to hear about them! And it’s always OK to work on new things throughout the coming months. But there’s something about a new year and having the opportunity to start it off fresh, new and positive that I love.

JORD Wood Watch Giveaway

Hey friends! I’ve been a little MIA on the blog recently. Life sometimes has to come first I guess 😉 But now I am back and am excited to share with you an awesome giveaway! If you frequent Instagram (who doesn’t?!) then I am sure you have seen JORD Wood Watches. And if you have seen them then I know you have probably drooled just a little bit… don’t lie! So you can imagine my excitement when they asked to partner with them to host a giveaway for all of my friends!

JORD wood watch
The watch I have is actually for my husband. I am so glad I was able to get him a gorgeous wood watch. Something so nice for the man who never wants nor asks for anything. However, this being a man’s watch will definitely not stop me from wearing it from time to time. Because it is beautiful and so versatile! What my absolute favorite thing about it is that the main part of it is wooden. I’m a lover of white, bright spaces with wooden accents and this seriously makes me happy. Not only is it gorgeous to look at but it’s also very well made.

JORD Wood Watch

This wood watch is the Frankie Series in Koa & Ash, which can be found here. I also think the Dark Sandalwood & Smoke is beautiful as well! This one is light in color and is fashionable casual or  dressed up. It is very lightweight, smooth and simple, in a good way! Any time I say something is simple that is basically me saying it is perfect. So yes, this watch is perfect!

JORD Wood Watch

With Christmas coming up (yes, I’m already talking about the best holiday of the year!) this giveaway could not come at a better time! Everyone who enters is a winner as JORD Wood Watches is giving a $20 e-gift code to use on your order just for entering! Getting gifts (for others and myself 😉 ) at a discount is basically my life goal.

JORD wood watch

There will, however, be one BIG winner here! One person will win a $75 e-gift code towards their watch purchase. Yes! And it could be any of you! I always love entering giveaways and seeing others hosting giveaways! That’s how I find some of my favorite shops to buy from and I hope by doing this giveaway many of you walk away with a new favorite go-to shop 🙂

JORD wood watchTo summarize, here’s all the details you need on this JORD Wood Watch Giveaway that I am so thankful to be a part of!

One person will win a $75 e-gift code towards your online purchase

Everyone else will win a $20 e-gift code towards your purchase just for entering

The giveaway contest will end on November 20 at 11:59 pm and the coupon codes will expire January 1, 2017

You can find the giveaway link here

Here are the links you can use to easily check out all the beautiful watches JORD has to offer:

men’s shop here

women’s shop here

my watch, I mean my husband’s watch, is here 😉

Good luck and I hope you will love JORD Wood Watches as much as I do!

P.S. Isn’t my husband the best model?!