DIY Chalk Paint Project

Hi y’all! So I (finally) completed my  DIY chalk paint project I started a week or two ago! I have these green crates that I bought at Home Goods last summer  while our house was still under construction. I loved the garden green color and thought they would be perfect in our home. Well fast forward to us moving in… I just didn’t love the color of them anymore. Not in our home. I love touches of green and blue even, but these seemed to really stand out. And not in a good way.


I’ve been thinking for a while that I needed to tone them down a bit. They are so large, I feel like they will be focal pieces wherever I decide to use them. I love color, but I like to incorporate color as accents and not focal points. So I knew I would need to go neutral. That was the only way I knew my mind would feel relaxed when I look at them. Am I the only one who feels uneasy about certain design or color choices? haha. Yea. This green had to go!!


I really do love these boxes! They have a wire bottom to them, which I’ll show you in a minute. They are rustic and can be used for so many things around the house! I cannot wait to use them for Christmas! Yes, I am counting down the days to Christmas… OK, so I am sure if you know me or follow me on Instagram  you probably already know what color I chose to go with for my DIY chalk paint project…


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White (insert heart eyes)! I’ve only tried a couple different brands of chalk paint. Annie Sloan was my first and will probably always be my go-to. It finishes beautifully and comes in gorgeous colors! I’ve been wanting to branch out and try other colors, but I’ve only had a couple of chalk paint projects and haven’t found the right pieces to experiment with just yet.


If you are new to chalk painting, don’t be nervous! I was very nervous my first time chalk painting because I thought I could really mess something up, but you literally can’t.  The first project I did was painting my oak dining chairs that I got from a yard sale and they have been my favorite DIY chalk paint project so far! They are the ones sitting in my breakfast nook. They are also painted in Annie Sloan Old White. This color truly looks how the name describes it. It is a really pretty, creamy white that looks like it as a little age to it.


So for my first DIY chalk paint project I used these little “chip” brushes from LowesThey are very inexpensive and great to use! I did, however, buy nicer brushes for my next project to see if they give a smoother finish. I am going to paint my breakfast nook table (again) and am wondering how the nicer brushes will do. The brushes I got I will share with you in another post, but they aren’t name brand or anything. Just the next step or two up from these cheaper brushes. I used these “chip” brushes for painting my crates and they worked perfectly! The only thing I suggest doing before using them is roughly brushing them on your hand to get the loose bristles out.


If you don’t, you will get loose bristles all over your painted piece and it is a little messy digging them out! Then you have to repaint that area. Usually it is a continuous process. Even though I got a lot of the loose bristles out before I started, a couple still came off while I was painting, but no where near the amount that would have if I had not gotten most of them out beforehand.


For this project, and other DIY chalk paint projects, these are the items I use. Chalk paint, brushes, a can opener, painter’s tape and this awesome, thick paper that was leftover from building our house! You can actually buy it at Lowes, but an old sheet will do. Something I used that is not pictures is sandpaper. Again, if you are nervous about using chalk paint don’t be! You truly cannot mess it up! Just paint it on and let it dry. I always do two coats of paint on my projects. I think sometimes I could get away with just one, but two really seems to work best for me!


I did tape off the inside around the edge so that I wouldn’t make a complete mess on the wire bottom. And no, I was unable to paint the inside green that is below the wire. But no one will ever notice 😉 Once I got my edges tapes off, it was time to paint! Make sure to shake the paint can really well before using.



These pictures above are after one coat of chalk paint. In person it was easier to tell that another coat was needed. At this point I already felt 100 times better about my decision to paint my crates a neutral color!


This is after the second coat of chalk paint. Once the second coat dried, I lightly sanded the crate. I used 120 grit sandpaper and barely pressed down. I was not wanting to distress the piece much at all, but rather make the finish a little smoother. Some of the paint did come off around the edges, but not too much. If you want more of a distressed look, I still recommend a fine grit, but sand more. I’ve used a more coarse sand paper before and it scratches the paint and that’s not a good look.



The crates already have a ton of character. They aren’t perfect, but that is why I love them! The small one I chose to paint the bottom, but the other two I did not. I realized that no one is going to see the bottom and why waste my paint to paint something that’ll never be seen!


Here’s a side by side of the two. Before and after, if you will. The white truly is much more me! Cleaner, fresher and brighter, which makes my heart happy.


And now this is what I envisioned! Gorgeous neutral statement pieces that I can easily add different decor pieces to that’ll bring in some color to the house, if I want to. Here are a few shots of the crates finished:


You can tell the Old White isn’t as white as my shiplap walls, but it is a pretty color that compliments all the different whites I have in my home! That is what I love about naturals, they are easy to mix together.


Detail shot of the crate. The crates weren’t perfect when I bought them. They had nail holes and the wood was rough. But I love that. It makes them more rustic and gives them character. On my other DIY chalk paint projects I have done in the past I always used Anne Sloan Clear Wax to seal the pieces, and depending on what piece you are finishing I highly recommend using it. It helps to protect your piece and really finishes the piece off. For these crates, however, I think I am going to skip the wax. I will show you how to use it when I paint my table!


The gang’s all here! Love that I decided to go with my gut and paint these babies white. I know you probably think I have too much white in my home, but I am no where near done decorating and furnishing and I think when I get more pieces in here it’ll all look beautiful together. Speaking of furnishing, we ordered our couches! Ikea didn’t work out (long story) but we are hoping to have our new couches the first of October! Cannot wait to show them to y’all 🙂